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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
More Shared Stories! @ 3:40 PM

Yay more stories! I'm sure you will feel inspired and intrigued. Send me yours!

Cristina De La Rosa is a first generation college student! She writes: "I'm very proud of my culture and my ethnicity. My family is from the Dominican Republic, but I was born and raised in Queens, NYC!
I love to dance merengue and bachata which is the dances that originate from the Dominican Republic. I love my culture!" Not only that, Cristina got a callback for the dance troupe Sabor (on campus). Let's all wish her good luck!

Inez Bell sent me an impressive list of her extracurriculars, all of which are really cool. She...
"-was co-president of my school's GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) called GASP, which stood for (Gay and Straight People) for two years
-was poetry editor of my school's art and literary magazine called Daystar, for three years
-played A TON of soccer, dodgeball and intramural basketball before and after I broke both of my hips and ankles
-spent the last three years advocating as a card-carrying socialist, working with unions, representing New Haven, CT in country-wide conferences, canvassing for the primaries, speaking on panels, and fighting the good fight for workers, immigrants, youth, LGBT, the elderly, etc
-danced ballet, tap and jazz for ten years, but took a year off to join the National Tap Team and travelled to Germany to compete (which was awesome, because we won!!)
-work with The International Festival of Arts and Ideas each summer since I was 13... if you've never heard of it, you should definitely check it out. Arts and Ideas literally becomes my life for two weeks every year - http://www.artidea.org/


She adds: "It's bittersweet to have left a lot of the stuff behind, but I also get to make a new name for myself here. I'm kind of probably joining rugby, joining all of the LGBT groups, and working with my political party, whose headquarters are not too far from campus." If the past is any indicator of the future, I'm sure that she will be successful in all her endeavors! :)