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Monday, September 19, 2011
More Shared Stories! @ 9:18 PM

Did you know that Susanna Im is an accomplished violinist and artist? In high school, she played in four different orchestras! Of her art, she writes: "I won a couple of big trophies in art competitions and I still love drawing and painting with all sorts of mediums (starting from acrylics to wires and rubber bands)." Not only that, she has gone on a missionary trip to Haiti for the past two years and raised money for the orphanage by holding "a small solo art exhibition in Queens [where she] displayed the artworks [she] drew/painted over the years." How inspiring! 

Lauren Malotra-Gaudet provided an impressive list of high school extracurriculars. Do you have any in common with her?

"Varsity softball (Captain, MVP), Varsity volleyball (captain), debate team (captain), Gay Straight Alliance (president), Best Buddies (chapter president), Yearbook, LitMag (editor), Theater Club (president), Photo Club, Anime Club (vice-president), Community Service (tutor, Sunday School teacher, environmental volunteer, park volunteer, etc), Student Diversity Leadership Conference, People Of Color and Foreign Affairs Breakfast Clubs."