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Friday, September 9, 2011
Share Space @ 3:10 PM

Octans! I'm starting a new feature on our blog called our "Share Space." Let me explain: I hear a lot of students talk about how when they were in high school, a large part of their identity was what they had accomplished--everyone knew they were a three-sport varsity athlete or the head of their mock trial team--but when they arrive at Barnard, not only does no one know about that part of their past, they feel like everyone around them has achieved even more impressive things. I want us, as a constellation, to celebrate these parts of ourselves that we haven't yet shared for fear that people won't be impressed or will think we're conceited. I think as women we're often told or taught that it's rude to talk about ourselves, or to "brag" (which is probably part of the reason why women are paid less than men), and that's something I want to correct!

So, here's how it works: email me (amk2208@barnard.edu) and tell me about something you've done that you're really proud of. It can be anything! It can be that you make really amazing vegan muffins, or that you're a great older sister or that you took 12 APs in high school. The point is, you should feel good about what you did/do and you should feel good about sharing it. I will post these on the blog (let me know if you'd like your to be anonymous) and then you can all check out the blog and see what extraordinary people you have around you! It will be inspiring and fun, and hopefully create an atmosphere where you feel like all your fellow Octans are supporting you and cheering you on in your successes.

Sound good?

Send me your stories now!!