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Friday, September 9, 2011
Shared Stories! @ 9:07 PM

Yay! Our first shared accomplishments! Send more my way, ladies!

Morgan Christensen is most proud of coming to Barnard (as you all should be! It's a really big deal that you're here!) and that she studied abroad in Spain. As she says: "It was a huge learning experience about my identity, my culture, and Spain's culture." It certainly sounds amazing to me. Thanks for sharing! 

Merna Haridi has a whole list of accomplishments that she's proud of, which I totally love! (Don't be afraid to send me a bunch of stuff!) In high school, Merna:
- was the captain of the girls' swim team and was on the team for four years
- was the co-captain of the girls' tennis team and was on the team for four years
- is Egyptian, for which she carries "so much pride" (that's so cool!)
- is the first to go to college out of four siblings (congratulations!)