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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Upcoming events @ 1:38 PM


How is your first day of classes going? Tell me all about it on Facebook! Upload photos!

These couple of days are especially busy with fun activities before everyone gets really bogged down with work.

Some I wanted to highlight:

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 6pm: Glamour Event! This should be super fun, aaaaand there will be goodie-bags! Remember to RSVP; the information is on Barnard's home page. Diana Event Oval

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 9pm: I'm going to be going to Q's first meeting. If you'd like to meet-up before hand, I'll wait in front of Barnard Hall at 8:45. I hope to see you all there! Barnard Center for the Research on Women, Barnard Hall

Friday, Sept. 9, 11am: Student Employment Fair. This is not something to stress out about. You'll be able to walk around and meet faculty that work in certain offices and hear about what positions they have available. Most offices will just have you fill out an application or email them if you're interested. Your resume does not have to be perfect (you don't have to make an appointment at the Office of Career Development!). You do not have to wear a suit. You do not need to stress out, period! LeFrak Gym

Friday, Sept. 9, 4pm: Q-Tea! This is a really fun event at Q house, in Ruggles on Columbia's campus. It's a great way to meet new friends, and nothing is more relaxing than a cup of tea at the end of the week. If you need to be signed in, just text me. Q Suite, Ruggles dorm, 114th street

Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10 & 11: Barnard Reach Out (BRO) service weekend!! Are you signed up for a volunteer project? Yay! Want to get involved? Sign up on the Civic Engagement website: barnard.edu/nyccep. All over the city! 

Other important things:

Get involved in the Extended Barnard Reach Out (EBRO) program! The application is due tomorrow and can be found at barnard.edu/nyccep.

Books: Something that can be stressful at the beginning of the semester is that professors assign you reading the first day, right after they have given you the textbook information. Don't feel like you have to buy your books right away at the Columbia Bookstore! The books there are usually much more expensive than anywhere else. I would suggest looking at amazon.com for new or used books, and half.com. If you have homework assignments before you get the books you've ordered, they are usually all on reserve at the library, so just do your homework there!!

Questions? Concerns? Comments? I want to hear from all of you! I've loved seeing you around campus :)