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Friday, August 19, 2011
Welcome to Octans! @ 4:41 PM

Congratulations! You are officially part of the Octans Constellation!

My name is Adair and I will be your Constellation Leader (CL) for the year. I have been busily preparing for your arrival on campus and can't wait to meet you! A little bit about myself: I am a sophomore, so I vividly remember the whole first-year experience you are about to go through (so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!). I haven't decided on a major yet, but I love art, law and biology, I speak French (I'm hoping to study abroad next year), and I would love to eventually practice international art law. I come from a super small town two hours north of the city and last year I lived in Brooks on the fifth floor. I've been to China, Mexico, Canada, France and Ireland, and I went to an all-girls boarding school for high school (although I was a commuter) so I am proud to say I have friends that live all over the world! In the city I love attending different art-related events and just wandering around different neighborhoods to see what I discover! 

My job this year will be to act as a resource for you and to be someone who can (and will!) make your transition to college easier, less stressful, and more fun! I will be planning monthly, awesome events and activities for the constellation that will enable you to really bond as a special, exclusive community that will link you to your peers and eventually to the upperclasswomen and alumnae in the unforgettable tradition of powerful Barnard women! I understand what you'll be experiencing and I will always make myself available to you if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to. 

I want you to feel like a part of the Octans community even before you step through the front gates, so please visit/join the Facebook group (http://tinyurl.com/barnardoctans) and the blog (barnardoctansconstellation.blogspot.com) and start cultivating your Octans pride! The Facebook page is a great way to start interacting with other Octans and I will be updating the blog regularly with information about upcoming events, fun stuff and information that will help you make your semesters as successful as possible!  

I'm sure you're super excited (and probably a little nervous) about your arrival on campus, so here's something else to look forward to: on Monday, August 29th we'll be meeting officially for the first time for a really fun trip to a top-secret NYC institution on Barnard Loves New York day! Hopefully the event will give you a little taste of all the amazing things you'll have access to during your time at Barnard, which will be followed by a pizza party! An important note: we'll be using public transportation to get the the secret location, so please make sure you have a metrocard with at least $4.50 on it before we meet that morning (if you need any special accommodations please let me know ASAP) and wear your Octans shirt that day (this is really important...you'll have to go back and change if you forget it!).

Lastly, I have a challenge for you! Obviously "Octans Constellation" hardly rolls off the tongue, so it is our job to create a new nickname and mascot for our constellation! Post any of your suggestions on the Facebook group, draw a mascot and post the picture, brainstorm with your friends...whatever you have to do, start thinking of ideas on the Facebook page! We'll be voting on the 29th. 

So, here's the short version: 
-The Octans Constellation is the best! Show your pride on the Facebook group
-Share any ideas your have for a nickname/mascot for our constellation on our Facebook group
-Let me know if you have any questions
-GET EXCITED for Monday, August 29th's "Barnard Loves New York" day! (don't forget to buy a metrocard in advance and wear your Octans shirt)
-Read the blog

I can't wait to meet you! Enjoy the rest of the summer!