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Monday, September 19, 2011
More Shared Stories! @ 9:18 PM

Did you know that Susanna Im is an accomplished violinist and artist? In high school, she played in four different orchestras! Of her art, she writes: "I won a couple of big trophies in art competitions and I still love drawing and painting with all sorts of mediums (starting from acrylics to wires and rubber bands)." Not only that, she has gone on a missionary trip to Haiti for the past two years and raised money for the orphanage by holding "a small solo art exhibition in Queens [where she] displayed the artworks [she] drew/painted over the years." How inspiring! 

Lauren Malotra-Gaudet provided an impressive list of high school extracurriculars. Do you have any in common with her?

"Varsity softball (Captain, MVP), Varsity volleyball (captain), debate team (captain), Gay Straight Alliance (president), Best Buddies (chapter president), Yearbook, LitMag (editor), Theater Club (president), Photo Club, Anime Club (vice-president), Community Service (tutor, Sunday School teacher, environmental volunteer, park volunteer, etc), Student Diversity Leadership Conference, People Of Color and Foreign Affairs Breakfast Clubs."



Wednesday, September 14, 2011
More Shared Stories! @ 3:40 PM

Yay more stories! I'm sure you will feel inspired and intrigued. Send me yours!

Cristina De La Rosa is a first generation college student! She writes: "I'm very proud of my culture and my ethnicity. My family is from the Dominican Republic, but I was born and raised in Queens, NYC!
I love to dance merengue and bachata which is the dances that originate from the Dominican Republic. I love my culture!" Not only that, Cristina got a callback for the dance troupe Sabor (on campus). Let's all wish her good luck!

Inez Bell sent me an impressive list of her extracurriculars, all of which are really cool. She...
"-was co-president of my school's GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) called GASP, which stood for (Gay and Straight People) for two years
-was poetry editor of my school's art and literary magazine called Daystar, for three years
-played A TON of soccer, dodgeball and intramural basketball before and after I broke both of my hips and ankles
-spent the last three years advocating as a card-carrying socialist, working with unions, representing New Haven, CT in country-wide conferences, canvassing for the primaries, speaking on panels, and fighting the good fight for workers, immigrants, youth, LGBT, the elderly, etc
-danced ballet, tap and jazz for ten years, but took a year off to join the National Tap Team and travelled to Germany to compete (which was awesome, because we won!!)
-work with The International Festival of Arts and Ideas each summer since I was 13... if you've never heard of it, you should definitely check it out. Arts and Ideas literally becomes my life for two weeks every year - http://www.artidea.org/


She adds: "It's bittersweet to have left a lot of the stuff behind, but I also get to make a new name for myself here. I'm kind of probably joining rugby, joining all of the LGBT groups, and working with my political party, whose headquarters are not too far from campus." If the past is any indicator of the future, I'm sure that she will be successful in all her endeavors! :)


Friday, September 9, 2011
Shared Stories! @ 9:07 PM

Yay! Our first shared accomplishments! Send more my way, ladies!

Morgan Christensen is most proud of coming to Barnard (as you all should be! It's a really big deal that you're here!) and that she studied abroad in Spain. As she says: "It was a huge learning experience about my identity, my culture, and Spain's culture." It certainly sounds amazing to me. Thanks for sharing! 

Merna Haridi has a whole list of accomplishments that she's proud of, which I totally love! (Don't be afraid to send me a bunch of stuff!) In high school, Merna:
- was the captain of the girls' swim team and was on the team for four years
- was the co-captain of the girls' tennis team and was on the team for four years
- is Egyptian, for which she carries "so much pride" (that's so cool!)
- is the first to go to college out of four siblings (congratulations!)


Share Space @ 3:10 PM

Octans! I'm starting a new feature on our blog called our "Share Space." Let me explain: I hear a lot of students talk about how when they were in high school, a large part of their identity was what they had accomplished--everyone knew they were a three-sport varsity athlete or the head of their mock trial team--but when they arrive at Barnard, not only does no one know about that part of their past, they feel like everyone around them has achieved even more impressive things. I want us, as a constellation, to celebrate these parts of ourselves that we haven't yet shared for fear that people won't be impressed or will think we're conceited. I think as women we're often told or taught that it's rude to talk about ourselves, or to "brag" (which is probably part of the reason why women are paid less than men), and that's something I want to correct!

So, here's how it works: email me (amk2208@barnard.edu) and tell me about something you've done that you're really proud of. It can be anything! It can be that you make really amazing vegan muffins, or that you're a great older sister or that you took 12 APs in high school. The point is, you should feel good about what you did/do and you should feel good about sharing it. I will post these on the blog (let me know if you'd like your to be anonymous) and then you can all check out the blog and see what extraordinary people you have around you! It will be inspiring and fun, and hopefully create an atmosphere where you feel like all your fellow Octans are supporting you and cheering you on in your successes.

Sound good?

Send me your stories now!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Upcoming events @ 1:38 PM


How is your first day of classes going? Tell me all about it on Facebook! Upload photos!

These couple of days are especially busy with fun activities before everyone gets really bogged down with work.

Some I wanted to highlight:

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 6pm: Glamour Event! This should be super fun, aaaaand there will be goodie-bags! Remember to RSVP; the information is on Barnard's home page. Diana Event Oval

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 9pm: I'm going to be going to Q's first meeting. If you'd like to meet-up before hand, I'll wait in front of Barnard Hall at 8:45. I hope to see you all there! Barnard Center for the Research on Women, Barnard Hall

Friday, Sept. 9, 11am: Student Employment Fair. This is not something to stress out about. You'll be able to walk around and meet faculty that work in certain offices and hear about what positions they have available. Most offices will just have you fill out an application or email them if you're interested. Your resume does not have to be perfect (you don't have to make an appointment at the Office of Career Development!). You do not have to wear a suit. You do not need to stress out, period! LeFrak Gym

Friday, Sept. 9, 4pm: Q-Tea! This is a really fun event at Q house, in Ruggles on Columbia's campus. It's a great way to meet new friends, and nothing is more relaxing than a cup of tea at the end of the week. If you need to be signed in, just text me. Q Suite, Ruggles dorm, 114th street

Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10 & 11: Barnard Reach Out (BRO) service weekend!! Are you signed up for a volunteer project? Yay! Want to get involved? Sign up on the Civic Engagement website: barnard.edu/nyccep. All over the city! 

Other important things:

Get involved in the Extended Barnard Reach Out (EBRO) program! The application is due tomorrow and can be found at barnard.edu/nyccep.

Books: Something that can be stressful at the beginning of the semester is that professors assign you reading the first day, right after they have given you the textbook information. Don't feel like you have to buy your books right away at the Columbia Bookstore! The books there are usually much more expensive than anywhere else. I would suggest looking at amazon.com for new or used books, and half.com. If you have homework assignments before you get the books you've ordered, they are usually all on reserve at the library, so just do your homework there!!

Questions? Concerns? Comments? I want to hear from all of you! I've loved seeing you around campus :)


Monday, September 5, 2011
@ 12:14 PM

Aloha! I hope you're enjoying your Monday off! This post is important and has a lot of points, so make sure you read the whole thing :)
1. REGISTER. Have you all registered yet? Do it now! It's super annoying but you have to do it by tomorrow, so register ASAP. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email.
2. ACTIVITIES. For those of you who missed something you were interested in on the "meet and greet" day because of Barnard Loves NY, never fear! There will be an upcoming activities fair at which you can meet all those groups, and more!
3. POSTCARDS. Any of you who grabbed a postcard and were going to write on them later...I would suggest doing that before classes start, but whenever you're done with yours just email me and I'll come pick it up from you.
4. PHOTOS. Do you have photos from Barnard Loves NY day? Upload them onto this group! The hope is that eventually this group will reflect our identity as a whole, so please use this space as you want- to discuss things, talk to fellow Octans, and also, please, to share photos!
5. MASCOT. Octans is kind of a stupid name, right? I need all of your suggestions BY TONIGHT for new nicknames/mascots for our lovely constellation.
6. PROFESSORS. My professors (that still teach here) last year were: Stokes, Snitzer, Crary, Regan, Jouanneau-Fertig, Santos da Silva, Alberro, Fleischer. My friends had other professors (that I can ask them about). If you have any of these professors I'd love to get together to talk to you about them/the class, if you'd like.

Get excited for your first day of classes and let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Breaking news, lovely ladies! @ 7:12 PM

MOVE-IN DAY HAS BEEN PUSHED TO MONDAY in light of Hurricane Irene. This means that our exciting "Barnard Loves New York" adventure will happen on SUNDAY, Sept. 4! More information: http://barnard.edu/headlines/move-day-rescheduled-monday-august-29-due-predicted-hurricane